José Ney.

Jose ney mila espinosa.

Cuba, 1959. Spain 1995. EEUU 2010.

He was born in 1959 in Havana, Cuba and began working as a Photojournalist after having been an Artisan artist, textile Designer, commercial Photographer, architectural Draftsman, construction Technician and civil Designer from 1979 to 1989. In general, is self-taught, but with a Degree in Comprehensive Photography, Civil Designer and Technician in programming and works budgets of the construction.

He has received different recognitions, honors and awards in national and international contests and competitions, on more than 50 occasions, such as recently in Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA 2019); International Photography Awards (IPA 2019); The Big Reveal: Telling Truth in an Age of Fiction. Projection outside El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe (CENTER  and CURRENTS New Media Festival). Santa Fe, NM. EE.UU. 2019; Moscow International Foto Awards. (MIFA 2019); London International Creative Competition. (LICC 2018); International Monochrome Photo Awards (Book 2018) and the International Photography Awards (IPA 2018) among others.

His images have been presented in more than 100 collective and individual exhibitions around the world. In spaces like The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, Tampa; Southeast Museum of Photography Daytona; Latino Museum, Omaha, Nebraska; Richmond Hall / The Menil Collections, Houston; Downey Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California; Museum of Fine Arts of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; INAH Photo Library, Pachuca, Mexico; Quirquincho Tambo Museum, La Paz. Bolivia; Museum of Huelva. Spain; umorismo Museum, San Antonio de los Baños and National Museum of Fine Arts of Havana, Cuba; Photographic Archive Toscano, Italy; Photo library of Cuba; VI and VII International Biennial of Art (SIART 09 and SIART 11) and

Editions Tristán Barbarà, Barcelona, Spain among other spaces in America and Europe.


His works are in permanent collections such as the Palmer Museum of Art, Pennsylvania, Museum of Fine Arts of Houston, Texas; Lehigh University Art Galleries / Operation Museum, Bethlehem, PA. Mother Jones International Fund, Documentary Photog, San Francisco, USA; Photographic Archive Toscano, Italy; Photo library of Cuba; Biennial Collection SIART - Bolivia; INAH Photo Library, Pachuca, Mexico; University of La Rábida, Huelva. Spain; World Press Photo Foundation. Holland; Photograph Forum Frankfurt. Germany and Editions Tristán Barbarà, Barcelona, ​​Spain, among other private collections in America and Europe.

Selected for various catalogs including "Critical Approach to Current Latin American Photography." 1991; "Fotofest'94. Contemporary Photography from the Island, 1980 to the Present "Houston. USA; ¨100 Years of Cuban Photography.¨ 1999; ¨Memories: Cuban Visual Arts of the XX Century .¨ 2004; "We the most infidels: Critical narrations about Cuban art (1993-2005) ¨ and" Under the Cuban Sun (1930-2016) "Throckmorton Fine Art. New York. USA 2016, among others.


Guest as Member of the Selection Committee International (XI) end (XII) International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Florence Italy (2017 end 2019). Member of the Selection Committee International Contemporary Art Competition, Miami 2017 USA. He is co-founder of the Open Art Corporation Miami, Florida in 2017, USA. He has also participated as a Jues de Fotografia in Reflections Art Competition (PTSA) at Olympia High School, Orlando, Florida, in the courses of (2012 - 2013) and (2013 - 2014).


He is a member of the Janus Association (advertising and promotion of the visual arts) Barcelona, Spain, 2012. Also an accepted member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in sections of Applied Arts (1989) and photography (1992) .


He is a specialized printer from the photography in the Analogue Black White, making positives for several prestigious artists. At the same time he was a researcher in the chemistry of the photographic laboratory. Due to their special and original results they were protected in the Patent and Trademark Office of Spain, surpassing the contemporary vanguard led by transnational companies such as Tetenal, Kodak, AGFA and Ilford) arousing the interest of two German companies. Later reaching a contractual agreement as an industrial manufacturer of its own patents exclusively for Marketing:

"The new generation fine art B / N chemistry". JOBO (Jobo Labortechnik, GmbH & Co. KG.)        

In consequence of the Catalog JOBO 2001, presented at the International Festival in Germany “Fotokina 2000” outlining four of its developers the José Ney, were published in various journals in Spain and Germany, test by a several prominent specialists, including the American photographer John Sexton and the English John Tinsley.


He worked as a photojournalist approximately eight years in newspapers in Cuba and Spain. As a freelance, various photo files  at the Center of Development in Visual  Arts, Cuba; In Fotofet 1994, Houston, USA and ARCO 2000, Madrid, Spain and others. Photographer and curator for two years at the FOTOTECA Cuba. He taught workshops photography techniques at the House of Culture in Old Havana, 1988 and  Chemistry Systems Author cycle as a guest expert at the School of Art and Design in Oviedo, Spain, 1995.


As a specialized printer in Black/White he made prints for various artists like Tomas Casademunt, on all the works of  the book "Son de Cuba" and his “Fábrica de Santos” Series. Other various works of Carlos Garaicoa and limited edition -Elogi AL 'ombra- (produced by Tristan Barbara Editions) contained in the Catalog "Criteri d'art" of Francesc Abad also Michael Dunev and Quico Estivill among other Spanish authors. His beginnings as Giglee digital printer was from 2008.

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