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AWARD FINALIST Jurado Internacional de Premiación VII Bienal Internacional de Arte SIART 11. 
"Diálogos en la Complejidad"  Museo Tambo Quirquincho. Ciudad de La Paz. Bolivia. 2011

AWARD FINALIST Jurado Internacional de Premiación VI Bienal Internacional de Arte SIART 09.
¨Flujos y reflujos¨ Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de la Fundación Simón L. Patiño, Edificio Guayaquil. Cochabamba - Bolivia. 2009.



From the series "Migrations"


The Compass:

But the interior / exterior for each individual is composed of two separate and distinct worlds.  However, it is a fiction that leads us to a single reality, one not existing without the other, and not only from the territorial point, but also for all things regarding your timer. Somewhere, and at some point will begin or end the transgression which exchanges it, feeds, or imposes one over the other, and so, again and again as a circle shaped by time, revolutionizing the space to a course, which depends on our relationship, exterior / interior of the moment.


The Road:

How can you consider the context to which a real scenario belongs?  If it's not just space, it's a space/time relationship. Where there are multiple scenarios interspersed from all directions "related" or antagonistic to their sets of signs and structures that are transformed according to the scale time delay of the reasons mobile, immobile and unmovable. And considering that all beings are inevitably part and according to their role in them, perception, vision and understanding can be very different (and not just on the literal perspective). These differences are recreated by a seat belt with which caught "the realities" in our memory, auto-predestined  through a maze where they flow in parallel and the illusory visions and the dreams.


The context is as relative as the onstage.




The End:

The sense of "reality" may convince us that we face the fact suggested, perhaps not directly in our consciousness, but exerting its effects over time. Contrary to this position, when you live or perceive a high degree of realism as an eyewitness, you could, if we wanted to delete that part of the "tape", negating the possible psyches/ consequences of that experience. Besides transforming the size of an event, simply supplanting one word for another.


Each being is potentially an immigrant, but even if someone escaped from that, all without exception have migrated from the body of our Father towards our Mother and of this, the outside world, and ,by the way... Where do we emigrate to when we arrive at that which we call death?


That is why we carry it in our very blood and from it every last drop migrates throughout our body.


Emigrating is not only part of the human condition, it is the common generator of the existence of the known Universe.

In memory of those who once were forced to emigrate.


 From the series "Migrations"


The point of view:

Relativity is also a fact relative; it would be a great contradiction if it were an absolute.

The imbalance of some spaces can overturn the balance of other spaces and these do not have to be represented in the same space-time and are not inevitably ephemeral either.

Surviving our fears is as vital as is, with our evolution, acquiring other fears as their substitutes.  One of them: Fear of judging someone as an intruder simply by the color of their skin.


The target scenario:

The Tide. ¿Low or High? ¿Balance or imbalance? Great masses of water move from one continent to another and we "know" that it is produced by the gravitational pull of the moon.

Encyclopedia Salvat.

Verbatim: Migration (Fragment)

Volume 11, pag. 2540.

... The most important migratory movements of recent times was the great European migration to America (of the 60 million Europeans who emigrated between 1835 and 1914, America received 44 million). Other attractions were…


Pluto, ¿Is it closer or further away? As part of its orbit about the sun it gets closer and then further away. ¿Why?

¿How many "rivers" and "straits" exist with wetbacks in the world?

And ¿What is the "context" of these scenarios?

And is the culprit ¿The "place" of origin or destination? ¿Nobody at all? ¿Side effects of some modern “disease" we do not know?

¿Memory, misinformation or “relativity” of history?

The Unknown, a label that is commonly used by some scholars when they cannot understand the origin of life and the universe.


Chaos is another label for the misunderstanding of the facts when they do not correspond to a model or pattern "known."


The protagonists:

Between the contradictions of feelings of insecurity against priorities, we can feel very alone, but that may be a feeling that was always there like a ghost.


Loneliness is not necessarily empty space; however, is a very real feeling. Let’s not blame our loneliness on those around us.


The Earth may become "distant lands" or "missing spaces" but it need not have the flavor of exile.


In memory of those serving sentences "in" and "out" just for trying to escape the time that was imposed on them.



From the series "Migrations


The Flight:

Sometimes it is inevitable feeling the sensation unfold and be in the space that feels and suffers from your absence because you are not in its domain.


The "time" is the light projected onto the bodies in space, as well as the "space" is deformed in time, looking within itself, the density of existence.


A "proposal": Immigrating. Erroneously applied very specifically to animals and birds - they do not understand political boundaries, social and human cultures - to them is a "whole", very varied but one only territory.


The crossing:

When man himself starts to fly, borders cease to exist. And all places on Earth are from Earth. We are slaves of conditioned reflexes, unconsciously induced to assume "realities" with complete safety and reliability possible, accepting the consequences as such.


When we look at a piece of paper (PD) we interpret this as: After the date. However, on a piece of marble you might see it as "rest in peace”.


¿In what place is there a “real” standard about victims with reference to human migration in the last 60 years around the world?


The Light discovers the meaning of the forms that hinder its projection, and what is not illuminated, apparently does not exist, but it is among the shadows.

Just like translucent bodies that do not reflect light (the Time) but space sustains its density and its reflection will become inevitable.

Still some monuments are "invisible". An "unfinished" image can stimulate the ghostly sensation that life as consciousness is an "ephemeral illusion", pointing to "perpetuity" and "emptiness" as the true and only existence.


In memory of those who have disappeared in the attempt.


PD: When they are so close to us, watching us, I do not know where to begin or end your metaphor.


Copyright © 2014/2023 Jose Ney Mila Espinosa.


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